Four Fundamentals for Those Who Teach and Inspire Youth

1) The first fundamental I would emblazon in your mind and heart is teach by the Spirit. 

2) The second fundamental I would strongly emphasize is teach the reality of personal communication from and to God. Help each individual understand how to pray worthily and how to receive and recognize answers from God.

3) The third fundamental I would stress is please kindle a love of the scriptures in the mind and heart of each precious youth. Help ignite within them that flame of unquenchable fire that motivates those who have felt it with a desire to know evermore of the word of the Lord, to understand His teachings, to apply them, and to share them with others.

A love of the scriptures can be encouraged in two ways:

First, walk with them step by step through many passages of the sacred word of the Lord. Help them feel your enthusiasm, respect, and love for the scriptures.

Second, help them learn to read, ponder, and pray privately to discover the power and peace that flow from the scriptures.

4) The fourth fundamental is more easily undertaken as a result of prayerful application of the other three: Encourage Your Students to “come unto Christ” (Omni 1:26). Persuade each one to make Christ the center life.

That is the most vital message of all….

Elder Richard G. Scott, published in Religious Educator, Vol 11, No. 1, 2010

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