Making the Plan of Salvation personal: Patterns in the teaching of President Henry B. Eyring

Henry B. Eyring

President Eyring continues to teach youth of the Church about the faith they have exercised, here and before they came to earth, then with that knowledge invites them to be prepared for service far beyond what they might imagine. Lastly, he warns them of the role Satan would play in their lives. I saw this pattern in his wonderful talk “A Child of God,” given at BYU in 1997. Here is a quote from the opening of that address:

you are the survivors. By making the right choices plus the help of uncounted servants of God, you have made it through a hail of spiritual bullets. There have been tens of thousands of casualties. You know some of them because they are your friends, your spirit brothers and your sisters. You are more than simply the survivors of that spiritual war. You are the future of the Church. God knows that. And so he now asks more of you than he has asked of those who were here before you, because the kingdom will need more. And Satan knows that you are the future of the Church, which gives me a solemn obligation to warn you of the hazards ahead and to describe how to survive them as you rise to the privileges God will give you.

This idea of God asking more of us because of who we are and what He needs us to be is echoed in Continue reading